Kali Linux 2023.2, the second release of 2023, is now live and it’s bringing a whole new level of innovation to the table. The new version comes equipped with a pre-built Hyper-V image and an impressive lineup of thirteen new tools, including Evilginx, a potent tool for credential and session cookie snatching.

Kali Linux, as many of you already know, is the go-to distribution for ethical hackers around the world. It’s a powerhouse platform for conducting penetration testing, security audits, and cybersecurity research against networks. It’s all about giving you the tools you need to excel in the cybersecurity space.

The Kali Linux Team has gone above and beyond in this new release, introducing a slew of features that are truly next-level. A new VM image for Hyper-V with ‘Enhanced Session Mode’ is now available straight out of the box. The i3 desktop has been completely overhauled, merging it with i3-gaps. The Xfce audio stack update introduces PipeWire, providing superior audio for Kali’s default desktop. And it doesn’t stop there! GNOME has been updated to version 44 and the icons & menus have been refreshed with new apps and icons. They’re always pushing the boundaries, always delivering more!.

The team has also rolled out a pre-built Hyper-V image configured for ‘Enhanced Session Mode,’ offering a significantly improved experience for users. The new feature simplifies the process of connecting to the virtual machine using the Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP). No more manual steps, no hassles! The ‘Enhanced Session Mode’ also makes it easier to resize the desktop and share local devices like USB drives, printers, or other hardware with the Kali Linux virtual machine. This is what innovation looks like, folks!.

Getting started with the new Hyper-V image is a breeze! Just download it, extract it, run the ‘install-vm.bat’ script and you’re good to go! The script automatically sets up a new Hyper-V virtual machine using the downloaded image and even optimizes the VM to use two processors if available. It’s all about making it simple and efficient for you guys!.

And of course, a new Kali Linux release wouldn’t be complete without some new toys to play with. The team has added a whopping thirteen new tools into Kali 2023.2. Cilium-cli, Cosign, Eksctl, Evilginx, GoPhish, Humble, Slim(toolkit), Syft, Terraform, Tetragon, TheHive, Trivy, and Wsgidav each bring their unique capabilities to the table, promising to supercharge your ethical hacking activities.

Upgrading to Kali Linux 2023.2

It is a straightforward process. You can upgrade your existing installation, select a platform, or directly download ISO images for new installs and live distributions. The team has even provided a few simple commands to help you upgrade from a previous version. Plus, you can even verify if the upgrade was successful with a quick command.

If you’re running Kali on the Windows Subsystem for Linux, be sure to upgrade to WSL2 for a better experience, including the ability to use graphical apps. You can easily check the WSL version used by Kali with a quick command, further simplifying the process for you.

So, there you have it, folks! Kali Linux 2023.2 is here and it’s packed to the brim with innovation, new features, and tools that are set to revolutionize your ethical hacking game. It’s all about pushing boundaries, staying ahead of the curve, and never settling for less. The Kali Linux Team has outdone themselves once again, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds!

Remember, in the world of cybersecurity, it’s all about staying curious, being bold, and constantly learning. So, go ahead, download Kali Linux 2023.2, and start exploring

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